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I need a new floor – which one should I choose?

Firstly, if you’re on a budget, laminate is a good option. There are some great looking laminate floors available at an affordable pricing. We advise our clients to choose Mid to Light tones as they look more natural than more glossy options. We love the laminates from Berry Alloc and Weknowflooring supply and install their products.

Beautiful floor

Choosing Vinyl can come down to taste. From an aesthetic point of view, we advise our clients to choose matt laminates that look better and are cheaper and stay away from shiny vinyl floors.

What about wooden floors? We have found that it’s really common to meet people who’ve had a bad experience with a wooden floor and they may even have written them off. However, wood floors have a depth of colour to them that man-made products cannot compete with. The texture also has a natural feel. A wood floor can make a room. Of course, the downside is a wood floor is a luxury product, both from a supply and fit perspective. It’s even more premium if you go for a patterned floor, such as a herringbone or chevron. A wood floor also requires some maintenance to keep it looking in good condition.

In summary, I need a new floor – which one should I choose? A wood floor works when our client wants the floor to stand out and to be an integral part of the design of a home, workplace or retail space and they’re not on a restrictive budget. Laminates would be a good choice when on a restrictive and tight budget.

Whether you have decided to go for a Laminate floor, Vinyl floor or Engineered Oak Wood floor, contact Weknowflooring today for more information about our flooring services.


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