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I need a new floor – what are my options?

Broadly speaking, there are three main flooring groups – Laminate, Vinyl and Wood that Weknowflooring can supply and install.

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I need a new floor – what are my options?

Laminates are the cheapest. Laminates are still wooden products as they have a core of compressed wood with a plastic sheet on top. These sheets can be made to be realistic to wood, or any other material such as stone or concrete. Laminates are hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, and the better quality ones have some water resistance. The more premium laminates are very realistic to natural materials. Laminate floors are fitted floated and so to perform well, the subfloor needs to be flat. Our clients choose Laminates as they are the cheapest option.

Vinyl flooring sits in the middle of wood and laminate in terms of price. Vinyl products can be fitted floated or glued down. We work with the most well-known names in the UK - Karndean and Amtico. Vinyl flooring is really hard-wearing and after it is laid, you never need to worry about it again. We would generally advise choosing a matt coloured vinyl as there is nothing worse than a shiny vinyl floor. A simple shape and light coloured can help to hide the fact it isn’t a natural product.

Engineered oak wood flooring are the most expensive option. It comes as a layered product, typically with an oak top layer and a birch or birch ply core. Almost all wooden flooring that’s sold in the UK is engineered now; as from a consumer perspective these floors just sit on top of a subfloor. You cannot tell the difference between a solid and engineered floor once it’s fitted. The added advantage of an engineered floor is that it’s more stable. Solid floors expand and contract as the humidity changes. Wood floors come in straight or patterned planks such as Chevron or Herringbone. They can be fitted, floated or glued down to give the most secure fit. A protective surface layer is applied which is either Lacquers (protective paints) or Oils which are absorbed into the surface.

Whether you have decided to go for a Laminate floor, Vinyl floor or Engineered Oak Wood floor, contact Weknowflooring today for more information about our flooring services.


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