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Underfloor heating systems – is it suitable for my wood flooring?

In this post, we will discuss how Weknowflooring can help with your fitting strategy and choose the UFH system that will be suitable for your wood flooring.

Water underfloor heating

Water-based systems are set in a screed and are almost always compatible with wood floors. However, electric systems, that aren’t part of the structure of the building, are commonly designed for floating floors that are not fully bonded to the subfloor and will therefore work fine with plank flooring. But parquet flooring, such as Herringbone or Chevron, has to be glued down.


There several electric systems that are foil-based and they do not allow wood flooring to be glued to them. This means they are not compatible with parquet wood flooring. There are electric systems that are compatible with glued-down flooring. Weknowflooring will assess whether your chosen wood flooring can safely be fitted with the manufacturer’s technical team, before ordering the system.


As wood is a natural product, when it dries out it shrinks and when it picks up moisture it expands. When using an UFH system, it must be under the entire wood flooring area, not partially underneath, as one area will expand and contract more than the other.

The floor area could be broken up with a door bar but that doesn’t look good. When designing your flooring, we will always make these considerations as well as check that the fitting strategy will be suitable for your wood flooring.

For more information and advice on choosing a UFH system for your perfect floor, contact Weknowflooring today. 


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