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Choosing Premium Laminate Flooring: Is It Right for You?

At Weknowflooring, our mission is to find you the perfect flooring. Whilst wood floors are very popular with our clients, the reality is they aren’t right for every project. For a start, wood flooring is expensive, especially over large areas and when the subfloor is uneven. Also, regardless of finish, wood flooring will always require some maintenance over time. If you want to fit a floor and never think about it again, wood floors aren’t always the answer.

Samples of Premium Laminate Flooring

So choosing Premium Laminate Flooring: Is it right for you?

Mention “Laminate” to most people and they think of shiny floors with chips and scrapes, or swollen joints from excess mopping. They also think of creaks and bounce where the floor hasn’t been fitted properly. But have you come across Premium Laminate flooring?


The advantages of using Premium Laminate are:

  • They look very realistic especially with a matt finish

  • Super hard-wearing

  • They come with a long lifetime warranty in residential properties

  • Easy to fit

  • Come in wide planks of 190/200/270mm which looks good, whatever your room size

  • They have a level of water resistance which is different from cheaper laminates which will swell as soon as they’re exposed to any leaks

  • They have gold-standard environmental credentials

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, forever floor, then a Premium Laminate could be for you. But the reality is “seeing is believing”.

For more information and advice on choosing Premium Laminate, and for samples, contact Weknowflooring today.


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