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The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring in Commercial Premises?

Vinyl flooring is perfect for domestic use, but did you know it’s also a great choice for commercial premises? Commercial vinyl flooring offers a highly attractive and super-practical solution for any kind of business. From offices and leisure centres to busy shops and stores, a vinyl floor will serve you well. If you’re concerned about durability, maintenance and appearance, don’t be. This type of floor ticks all the boxes.

Here at Weknowflooring, we’ve been supplying and fitting high quality vinyl to businesses across the South East and London. With that kind of experience behind us we know what we’re talking about.

Beautiful floor

The key benefits of vinyl flooring


In commercial premises where foot traffic is high, a tough and durable floor covering is essential. A great advantage of commercial vinyl flooring is its ability to withstand wear and tear and still maintain its appearance. Wooden floors may look impressive to begin with, but in busy areas these looks can quickly fade. A quick wipe with a mop, and vinyl is back to beautiful.


That quick wipe with a mop is another plus for vinyl flooring, as that’s generally all you need. The water-resistant qualities of vinyl make it ideal for busy shops and stores that front onto the street. Mud and moisture can be wiped away quickly, meaning a cleaner, safer floor surface. Office vinyl flooring will create the kind of smart looking office that will impress your clients.


Vinyl flooring is perfect if you want to make an impression without spending a fortune. The installation process is straightforward and quick, meaning less downtime for your business. Moreover, damaged sections can be replaced without having to re-lay the whole floor, making it a longer lasting solution. That’s another reason why office vinyl flooring is ideal.


Floors in stone or wood can look impressive, of course. But reproduction techniques in vinyl are becoming increasingly sophisticated. That means you can get the stunning appearance of wood or stone with all the practicality of vinyl. With a huge range of attractive designs, whatever you have in mind can be achieved.

The importance of safety flooring for businesses

In some commercial situations safety is of paramount importance. In commercial kitchens or gym shower areas you really don’t want slippery surfaces. This applies in other areas, too, such as hospitals, schools and care homes. Even shops and stores with foot traffic from wet streets can benefit from safety flooring. Fortunately vinyl flooring has the answer. High performance safety floors combine a slip-resistant surface with an attractive and durable finish. It’s the perfect solution for premises where safety comes first.

Here at Weknowflooring, we have a fantastic range of flooring options from some of the top manufacturers. From luxury vinyl tile flooring to wood, stone and carpet, we’ve got your floor covered. And if it’s safety you need, we’re experts in that too. Start your estimate today by contacting one of our friendly team -


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